McAfee Help

Excluding items from Real-Time Scanning

Exclude an item you don't want McAfee to scan for threats. Then the next time you access it, McAfee doesn't check the item.

You might want to add a large file to your exclusion lists for Real-Time Scanning if you think the performance of your PC is affected during the scan. Remember, though, excluded items might contain threats that can seriously harm your device; McAfee does not recommend excluding items from your scans.

It is not necessary to add items in your network drive to your exclusion list. These items are always excluded from scans because scanning them might affect your PC's performance.

If you want McAfee to scan an excluded item, you can remove it from the exclusion list. That way, the next time you access the item, it is checked for threats.

Some items are critical for the operation of your PC. If you exclude them, you can cause a serious security problem on your PC.